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June 2014

Preparations and a shipload of bureaucracy

Hi peeps!

So, right now not much interesting is really happening, but don’t let that discourage you from reading all about it. I’m in the middle of acquiring documents and stuff needed for a legal desertation desertion. Meanwhile, I’m selling as much as possible of the things I can’t take with me or never need again. I miss my external screen already.. laptop screen is tiny! Before leaving for Brazil, I’m also going to go to Finland for a few days next week to celebrate my uncle’s even years, and do some other stuff. It’s a tight schedule, considering I don’t yet know when I have all the necessary documents to book a plane from Amsterdam to Rio to Belo Horizonte (+bus to Viçosa), and considering that I’d preferably need as much time as possible in Brazil before start of studies (August 4th).


Anyway, I’m looking forward to this new chapter, even though I’m sure I’m over-confident and overestimating my superpowers in Portuguese. I’m gradually finding my way through weird things in the language (most languages have weird stuff); rule-less stuff you just “have to know”, idioms, expressions… Speaking of which, you all know Russian roulette, right? There’s kind of a Brazilian equivalent, called “São Paulo roulette” (roleta-paulista), where you run a red light, hopefully without dying. Back when I found it, it was rather hilarious to see nothing changes wherever you go. People in big cities are always made fun of!


Oh yeah, yesterday I also finished my very last Portuguese class in Amsterdam. I’ve attended classes (at Tupiniquim) every week since end of last year, and also been very busy on, which is an extremely good site for learning languages on your own. You should try it if you haven’t already! Eventually you may translate articles, which helps with ordinary language use.


I hope you could follow the fragmented blog post, leading you to this last paragraph. If you couldn’t follow it, then you will never have reached this line and seen my apology. Apologies for that. Tchau!


Accepted to university in Brazil!

Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo!

This is my first blog post ever. I’ve never had a blog and I wasn’t going to start one either, but I have friends who have insisted I have one for my future adventures in Brazil, so I conceded. This blog won’t win any beauty contests, so leave now if you might suffer a heart attack.

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