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July 2014

>35h en route and still alive

Olá todo mundo! Btw, “todo mundo” (“everybody”) literally means “entire world”, so hello world.

As you may have noticed by now I have arrived. In fact, I arrived two days ago already (28th), but I’ve been quite busy catching up with sleep and getting to know my surroundings. Yesterday I toured the enormous UFV campus, saw llamas, and got shouted at by a street artist. But let’s backtrack to my travel adventures!

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En route

So today is finally the day. I’m currently sitting in the airport lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, having just parted with my dad who’s also flying today, but to Ghana. I’m now looking at almost 24h en route, from Amsterdam to Rome with KLM, where I transfer to Alitalia that flies to Rio de Janeiro. Then I have quite a long bus ride ahead to get to Viçosa. And now for some photo spamming:

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One week left!

Oi todo mundo!

The time for departure and move to Brazil is drawing near! Next Sunday (27th) is my planned date of departure, but the whole week before that I will need to wait for my student visa, which is extremely late due to continuous problems since I started over 3 months ago. Only last Friday did I finally have all the required documents with their stamps and legalisations and signatures and seals. I even had to bring one document to Finland because of omitted information by those who were supposed to help me. Luckily I was scheduled to go there anyway, but without it I would have been in big(ger) trouble.

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