Hello dear readers! I’m still alive, I’ve just not had much time (or energy) for blogging. When I start blogging, I tend to do it way too carefully and spending way too much time on it, so that’s why you don’t see updates very often, and then a massive one suddenly. I keep thinking I blog often enough, but actually I just blog once a month or less.

So what’s happened since last blog post? Well, the most interesting may be the holiday a few weeks back, where me and a friend from my Portuguese class (from the US) went to Vitória in the state of Espírito Santo. It’s a coastal city, which meant beaches! It was wonderful, and we spent our 5 days there getting sunburned, touring the historical parts of the city and walking out feet off. I think I will try (TRY) to make a separate post about the trip there, but here are a few photos at least!

I also recently went to a party with some friends. It was a “Flashback” party, featuring music from old and themed accordingly! Although partying isn’t really “my beach” (as you say in Brazil; não é a minha praia = it’s not my thing), it’s good company 🙂

And as usual, there’s much work with my studies. After all, I keep forgetting I’m actually doing a Masters in a foreign language, which is quite exhausting. So I’m looking forward to Christmas now, when I’ll be going back to Holland for a few weeks! Also, it’ll be summer by then here in Brazil, which means that it’ll be hot and rainy all the time (it’s already hot right now, see below!). I’m hoping Holland will be cold and not rainy (yeah right!).

Hot enough forecast methinks.
Hot enough forecast methinks.

I’ll just leave you guys with this video I shot on campus the other day. I got late to my next class because of it. Até a próxima!