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November 2014

Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!

Hi peeps! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

You probably wonder if my calendar is broken, but no, in Finland we do indeed celebrate a kind of pre-Christmas (“Lillajul” in Swedish, “pikkujoulu” in Finnish) the day before 1st Advent. People usually start decorating their homes and maybe bring in a small pre-Christmas tree. If I still lived in Holland, I would start decorating, but here in Brazil, I haven’t yet acquired any such, so there’ll be no pre-Christmassy feeling right now at least. Continue reading “Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!”

BBQ party with my department | Churrasco DPI 2014

Olá todo mundo! Aqui fotos do churrasco DPI 2014! Tiveram muitos fotógrafos, então não estive o único! Vejam a galeria abaixo.

Hey peeps! Here are some photos from a BBQ party I attended with some people from my computer science department at UFV. It was at a country side outside Viçosa, so really cool. There were many photographers, not just me! Check out the gallery below.

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Intimately Brazil – Hosting skin-burrowing parasite for 2 weeks

Hello peeps!

You hear a lot of horror stories of people who visit jungles, only to return with egg-laying insects under their skins (that burst open). While  I’ve not been to any jungle lately (or ever), I still managed to amass such an experience, which, to me, is more funny than horrible ( 😛 ). Any experience is an experience (as long as it doesn’t kill you). What literally got under my skin was a “Bicho-de-pé”, or a “Chigoe flea“; a parasitic artropod native to South America and some other places. Continue reading “Intimately Brazil – Hosting skin-burrowing parasite for 2 weeks”

Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV 2014 | Nico Lopes March at UFV 2014

Oi todo mundo! Aqui fotos e um vídeo da Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV. Veja a galeria e o vídeo abaixo!

Hey peeps! Here are some photos from the Nico Lopes March at my university here in Brazil! This march apparently only happens at this campus in Viçosa (there are two other UFV campuses). The point of the march was originally to march and have your voice heard in order to incite change, but nowadays people just march for weed 😛 Yesterday, when the march slash party took place, it also happened to be Brazil’s day of “The proclamation of the Republic of Brazil”. So.. many reasons to party! Or rather, any reason to party will be taken! Check out the gallery and video below!

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