Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

Happy Sinterklaas! Yes, I know what you might be thinking.. “What’s Sinterklaas?” Maybe if I say “Santa Claus”, that it might sound more familiar? Sinterklaas is the original Santa, brought to the US by the Dutch! But the Dutch celebrate Sinterklaas today, 5th of December, not 24-25th. And they don’t have a sleigh with flying creatures, but a ship that comes from Spain. Not to mention the “Black Peters” (Zwarte Pieten) that’s caused some stir in politics as of late due to the nature of them. But as somebody has pointed out: Not letting black people be shown/walk around is also racism. That’s Dutch reasoning for you right there!

Anyway, the Dutch celebrate this day by putting gifts in shoes with suitable poems (that have to rhyme). Kids also go door-to-door and sing. So, basically, in Holland, we (they) have two Christmases (can you pluralise “Christmas”? Is “pluralise even a word?)! Check out the video below I made a few years ago of Sinterklaas arriving.


Feliz Sinterklaas! Eu sei o que vocês talvez pensam.. “O que é Sinterklaas?” Talvez se dissesse “Santa Claus” que talvez soa familiar? Sinterklaas é, de fator, o Papai Noel original, trazido para as EUA pelo os holandeses! Mas os holandeses celebram hoje, dia 5 de dezembro, não 24-25 de dez. E eles não têm um trenó com criaturas voadoras, mas num barco da Espanha.

Em qualquer caso, os holandeses celebram este dia com colocar presentes em sapatos com poesia apropriada. Crianças também cantam fora das casas das pessoas. Basicamente, na Holanda temos (têm) Natal duas vezes por ano!