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February 2015

Back in Brazil! | De volta ao Brasil!

Hi all! (tradução abaixo)

I hope you’re having a great start of the year. As some of you may know, I am now officially back in Brazil, after having spent my Christmas holidays/part of my summer holidays in The Netherlands. I intended to write much more when I was there, but due to various things, I didn’t find the time or the energy for this. Continue reading…

A snowy visit to Finland! | Um visito nevado à Finlândia!

Hey folks!

Here’s an event I’ve forgotten to update you about. I recently went to Finland for a while to check out and fix some stuff. I also met some relatives and friends, both in the south and northwards. But most importantly, I had the best winter in a long time! Lots of snow and cold! A stark contrast from Brazil. Continue reading “A snowy visit to Finland! | Um visito nevado à Finlândia!”

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