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September 2015

The cost of different | O custo de ser diferente

Hello dear readers! (Tradução abaixo)

Well, meltdowns are always fun, right? I thought this would be a good opportunity to highlight to people the level of difficulty of what I’m doing and explaining just how high the costs are for living the way I live, with my background and problems I live with every day.

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Blog facelift! | Facelift do blog!

Hey peeps! Just wanted to inform about my recent blog facelift! When I created my blog in June last year, I was in the process of moving and had a lot of other more important things to do than thinking about design. Consequently, it wasn’t exactly as nice as it could be. This time around, I wanted my blog to be easier to view and browse, so now it’s more tile-style with a smaller header (for which I still haven’t found a good enough image). Check out the difference below!

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Funny things from around the world | Coisas engraçadas do mundo

Hey folks! I thought I’d share some things I have taken photos of from around the world, which are, due to mistranslations, misspelling or even deliberate! Some things may only apply to certain languages, but the majority you’ll understand!

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