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November 2015

BBQ party | Churrasco

The other day, we had a BBQ at our house with some invited people. No, we didn’t eat our guests. Here are some photos, upon request by a number of people. Not all shots were taken by me.

Recentemente tivemos um churrasco aqui em casa, com algumas pessoas convidadas. Não, não os comemos. Aqui umas fotos, a pedido de gente. Não tirei todas as fotos.

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Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!

Hi folks! As traditional to me and how/where I grew up (i.e. Finland), we celebrate an unofficial holiday called “little Christmas”. It’s defined as the Saturday before the first Sunday of Advent. Continue reading “Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!”

2 years a Portuguese newbie | 2 anos como um novato em português

Hello world! Today marks exactly 2 years since I first jumped into the Portuguese language. With it being my very first Romance/Latin language, it was certainly exciting. Since Portuguese belongs to a language family I had never familiarised myself with before, it really felt like a whole new world!

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In Brazil, I’m a leftie (and other cultural differences) | No Brasil, sou canhoto (e outras diferenças culturais)

Hello peeps! It recently struck me that I haven’t generally talked a lot about common cultural differences. Sure, they might not be that big or different from what I’ve seen before, but there are small things here and there that start standing out on a daily basis.

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France vs. Brazil (and other corrupt countries) | A França X O Brasil (e mais países corruptos)

Hello people of the world! Hello people of France, Lebanon, Middle East, Brazil and many more! Yes, we’re thinking of all of you. The primary reason for this post was triggered by the recent events all over the world. But primarily because of the coordinated Paris attack. Why that one, specifically? Why, I’m glad you asked.

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