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A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?

Hello folks! Happy Walpurgis! (Swedish: Vappen, Finnish: Vappu) (Tradução em baixo)

Today, April 30, and tomorrow, May 1, some of us in Europe celebrate what’s known as Walpurgis! This is one of the four largest celebrations in Finland, and it is particularly celebrated by students (unfortunately, usually with way too much booze). This brings up the question, to celebrate or not to celebrate? Continue reading “A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?”

Birthday away from home | Aniversário longe de casa

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

So, today I woke up with over 100 notifications on Facebook (thanks everyone!). Apparently this day isn’t quite like the other. Some say it’s my birthday, some say I was brought here by aliens…….. alright, only I said that. Aaaaanyway, since this is my first birthday in Brazil and also, in over 20 years, my first birthday away from “home”, whatever that may be, it feels a bit different. Continue reading…

Happy midsummer! | Feliz pleno verão!

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

Happy midsummer (Swedish: Midsommar; Finnish: Juhannus)! Today is midsummer in Finland and Europe. Although, midsummer (summer solstice) isn’t celebrated everywhere, it is an important part of our culture particularly in the Nordic countries. Continue reading…

23 years with my mother! | 23 anos com a minha mãe!

Hello mothers and people out there!

Just wanted to take some time to wish all mothers a happy day! And, unlike father’s day, I can wish happy mother’s day correctly in all the countries I have family connections to (since they all happen on the same day, including in Hong Kong). Father’s day, on the other hand, is a lot trickier, with it being 2nd Sunday of November in Finland, 3rd Sunday of June in Holland (and Hong Kong), and 2nd Sunday of August here in Brazil. Continue reading…

Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!

Hi and Merry Christmas! (Tradução abaixo.) Indeed, I’m no longer in Brazil for this year, but in The Netherlands, where I used to live for a long time. My family is still here, and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them and some others. Unfortunately there is no snow, so it’ll have to be an “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. As I know most of you have other things to do today, I’ll end it here with a video of my first Christmas, which was in Hong Kong back when I still spoke Chinese! (Ps. you have no idea how weird it is hearing yourself speak a language you can’t understand anymore!)

Continue reading “Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!”

Happy Sinterklaas! | Feliz Sinterklaas!

Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

Happy Sinterklaas! Yes, I know what you might be thinking.. “What’s Sinterklaas?” Maybe if I say “Santa Claus”, that it might sound more familiar? Sinterklaas is the original Santa, brought to the US by the Dutch! Continue reading “Happy Sinterklaas! | Feliz Sinterklaas!”

Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!

Hi peeps! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

You probably wonder if my calendar is broken, but no, in Finland we do indeed celebrate a kind of pre-Christmas (“Lillajul” in Swedish, “pikkujoulu” in Finnish) the day before 1st Advent. People usually start decorating their homes and maybe bring in a small pre-Christmas tree. If I still lived in Holland, I would start decorating, but here in Brazil, I haven’t yet acquired any such, so there’ll be no pre-Christmassy feeling right now at least. Continue reading “Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!”

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