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Growing up in Brazil | Crescer no Brasil

Hello folks! (tradução embaixo)

As the Czech proverb goes,

“You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

Last week, I did something I could not have imagined myself doing even a year ago. I held a presentation in Portuguese for the first time in my life! It was about my thesis project in general, so sure, a subject I am comfortable with… in English. It made me realise something I kind of had forgotten about.

And yes, the picture should say “you live a new life”.

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Surprise birthday party! | Festa de aniversário surpresa!

So yesterday was apparently my birthday! It was hard to expect anything, given the distance from any family and relatives. But my awesome flatmates here at our república (shared housing) threw me a surprise party in the evening! Continue reading…

Birthday away from home | Aniversário longe de casa

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

So, today I woke up with over 100 notifications on Facebook (thanks everyone!). Apparently this day isn’t quite like the other. Some say it’s my birthday, some say I was brought here by aliens…….. alright, only I said that. Aaaaanyway, since this is my first birthday in Brazil and also, in over 20 years, my first birthday away from “home”, whatever that may be, it feels a bit different. Continue reading…

First week in Brazil

Hey peeps!

You may find it interesting that I haven’t yet regretted coming here! I’m sure that feeling’ll come sooner or later, but having been here soon a week makes for quite some first impressions at least. Perhaps the biggest so far has been how nice people are when I talk ear-bleeding Portuguese and then stare back at them like a destitute monkey when I understand about 0.1% of what they replied.

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En route

So today is finally the day. I’m currently sitting in the airport lounge at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, having just parted with my dad who’s also flying today, but to Ghana. I’m now looking at almost 24h en route, from Amsterdam to Rome with KLM, where I transfer to Alitalia that flies to Rio de Janeiro. Then I have quite a long bus ride ahead to get to Viçosa. And now for some photo spamming:

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Accepted to university in Brazil!

Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo!

This is my first blog post ever. I’ve never had a blog and I wasn’t going to start one either, but I have friends who have insisted I have one for my future adventures in Brazil, so I conceded. This blog won’t win any beauty contests, so leave now if you might suffer a heart attack.

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