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Home sweet none | Lar doce ar

Hello peeps! (Em português embaixo.)

The favourite question people seem to like to ask me wherever I go is “where is home for you?”. Up until now, I’ve been kinda perplexed by the amount of confusion that starts tumbling around in my head every time I get asked this question. Surely, after having moved around so much, this question shouldn’t catch me by surprise? I think I might have just gotten the answer to this, as there’s apparently a group of people to which I belong and didn’t even know about! Continue reading “Home sweet none | Lar doce ar”

A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?

Hello folks! Happy Walpurgis! (Swedish: Vappen, Finnish: Vappu) (Tradução em baixo)

Today, April 30, and tomorrow, May 1, some of us in Europe celebrate what’s known as Walpurgis! This is one of the four largest celebrations in Finland, and it is particularly celebrated by students (unfortunately, usually with way too much booze). This brings up the question, to celebrate or not to celebrate? Continue reading “A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?”

BBQ party | Churrasco

The other day, we had a BBQ at our house with some invited people. No, we didn’t eat our guests. Here are some photos, upon request by a number of people. Not all shots were taken by me.

Recentemente tivemos um churrasco aqui em casa, com algumas pessoas convidadas. Não, não os comemos. Aqui umas fotos, a pedido de gente. Não tirei todas as fotos.

Continue reading “BBQ party | Churrasco”

A tourist in Belo Horizonte | Um turista em BH

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Surprise birthday party! | Festa de aniversário surpresa!

So yesterday was apparently my birthday! It was hard to expect anything, given the distance from any family and relatives. But my awesome flatmates here at our república (shared housing) threw me a surprise party in the evening! Continue reading…

Happy midsummer! | Feliz pleno verão!

Hello folks! (tradução abaixo)

Happy midsummer (Swedish: Midsommar; Finnish: Juhannus)! Today is midsummer in Finland and Europe. Although, midsummer (summer solstice) isn’t celebrated everywhere, it is an important part of our culture particularly in the Nordic countries. Continue reading…

Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!

Hi and Merry Christmas! (Tradução abaixo.) Indeed, I’m no longer in Brazil for this year, but in The Netherlands, where I used to live for a long time. My family is still here, and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them and some others. Unfortunately there is no snow, so it’ll have to be an “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. As I know most of you have other things to do today, I’ll end it here with a video of my first Christmas, which was in Hong Kong back when I still spoke Chinese! (Ps. you have no idea how weird it is hearing yourself speak a language you can’t understand anymore!)

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BBQ party with my department | Churrasco DPI 2014

Olá todo mundo! Aqui fotos do churrasco DPI 2014! Tiveram muitos fotógrafos, então não estive o único! Vejam a galeria abaixo.

Hey peeps! Here are some photos from a BBQ party I attended with some people from my computer science department at UFV. It was at a country side outside Viçosa, so really cool. There were many photographers, not just me! Check out the gallery below.

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Parteeeeyyyy in Viçosa

Last night, I was invited to a party with my friends. That got a little later than planned… “a little” later, that is! Had a great time, even though the music was terrible and my first Caipirinha apparently wasn’t that good! This was one of those parties thrown by the next-year graduates (undergrads). Video at the end of this blog post!

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