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Happy Merry Newmas from Finland! | Feliz Novo Natalano da Finlândia!

Greetings from a slightly colder place! Unfortunately there isn’t as much snow here as I was hoping for, but at least we got a little after Christmas eve. It’s pretty cold though, although nothing out of the ordinary (about -3 to -10°C). Continue reading “Happy Merry Newmas from Finland! | Feliz Novo Natalano da Finlândia!”

Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!

Hi and Merry Christmas! (Tradução abaixo.) Indeed, I’m no longer in Brazil for this year, but in The Netherlands, where I used to live for a long time. My family is still here, and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them and some others. Unfortunately there is no snow, so it’ll have to be an “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. As I know most of you have other things to do today, I’ll end it here with a video of my first Christmas, which was in Hong Kong back when I still spoke Chinese! (Ps. you have no idea how weird it is hearing yourself speak a language you can’t understand anymore!)

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Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!

Hi peeps! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

You probably wonder if my calendar is broken, but no, in Finland we do indeed celebrate a kind of pre-Christmas (“Lillajul” in Swedish, “pikkujoulu” in Finnish) the day before 1st Advent. People usually start decorating their homes and maybe bring in a small pre-Christmas tree. If I still lived in Holland, I would start decorating, but here in Brazil, I haven’t yet acquired any such, so there’ll be no pre-Christmassy feeling right now at least. Continue reading “Merry “Little Christmas”! | Feliz “Natal Pequeno”!”

Late post: holiday, lots of work, party, verge of summer, Brazilian dance…

Hello dear readers! I’m still alive, I’ve just not had much time (or energy) for blogging. When I start blogging, I tend to do it way too carefully and spending way too much time on it, so that’s why you don’t see updates very often, and then a massive one suddenly. I keep thinking I blog often enough, but actually I just blog once a month or less.

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