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Life two years after last seeing my sister | A vida 2 anos após ver a minha irmã pela última vez

Hello folks! (Português embaixo)

I hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year! I’m currently in Finland and having a blast with family, relatives and friends, not to mention a pretty cold weather with snow! The last time it was like this was years and years ago.

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A Chris in China | Um Chris na China

Hello peeps all over the world!

It’s been a bit more than three weeks since I left Brazil for holiday. Now I’m 17,000 km away from where I started, after an initial about 9,000 km and 2 weeks in Finland. That is, I’m in China, where I went to attend a good friend’s wedding in Zhengzhou, and touring China a bit since I’m already here. Continue reading “A Chris in China | Um Chris na China”

Going home after nearly a year! | Voltarei pra casa depois de quase um ano!

Hi folks! Usually, I’m not as excited to travel as I’m right now. And for good reasons, since I left Europe in February and have spent all this time since in Brazil. A lot has changed during this time, with me having finished my first year of my Master’s, moved to another place, having got to know new people, and basically become fluent (with errors) in Portuguese.

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Funny things from around the world | Coisas engraçadas do mundo

Hey folks! I thought I’d share some things I have taken photos of from around the world, which are, due to mistranslations, misspelling or even deliberate! Some things may only apply to certain languages, but the majority you’ll understand!

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Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!

Hi and Merry Christmas! (Tradução abaixo.) Indeed, I’m no longer in Brazil for this year, but in The Netherlands, where I used to live for a long time. My family is still here, and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them and some others. Unfortunately there is no snow, so it’ll have to be an “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. As I know most of you have other things to do today, I’ll end it here with a video of my first Christmas, which was in Hong Kong back when I still spoke Chinese! (Ps. you have no idea how weird it is hearing yourself speak a language you can’t understand anymore!)

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Country #34 and counting

Hello world! Said nobody ever. I see that I’m not your best blogger, leaving too many gaps between blog updates. Anyhow, I wanted to write something about this 34th country of mine and how it compares to my other experiences. And just to break paragraphs here and there, I will be pointing out some (funny) things I have observed, learned or come to the realisation about.

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>35h en route and still alive

Olá todo mundo! Btw, “todo mundo” (“everybody”) literally means “entire world”, so hello world.

As you may have noticed by now I have arrived. In fact, I arrived two days ago already (28th), but I’ve been quite busy catching up with sleep and getting to know my surroundings. Yesterday I toured the enormous UFV campus, saw llamas, and got shouted at by a street artist. But let’s backtrack to my travel adventures!

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Accepted to university in Brazil!

Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo!

This is my first blog post ever. I’ve never had a blog and I wasn’t going to start one either, but I have friends who have insisted I have one for my future adventures in Brazil, so I conceded. This blog won’t win any beauty contests, so leave now if you might suffer a heart attack.

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