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Veni, vidi, vici | And now? | E agora?

Hello folks! (em português embaixo)

I’m happy to announce that I recently did my Master’s defence here at Universidade Federal de Viçosa! If I’ll be honest, it feels unreal, because remember that I started my Master’s degree in a language I had never spoken before! To be able to say that I’ve finished something like this, with all its challenges, difficulties and hardships, brings a lot of pride to me. So, what’s next? Continue reading “Veni, vidi, vici | And now? | E agora?”

Growing up in Brazil | Crescer no Brasil

Hello folks! (tradução embaixo)

As the Czech proverb goes,

“You live a new life for every new language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.”

Last week, I did something I could not have imagined myself doing even a year ago. I held a presentation in Portuguese for the first time in my life! It was about my thesis project in general, so sure, a subject I am comfortable with… in English. It made me realise something I kind of had forgotten about.

And yes, the picture should say “you live a new life”.

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A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?

Hello folks! Happy Walpurgis! (Swedish: Vappen, Finnish: Vappu) (Tradução em baixo)

Today, April 30, and tomorrow, May 1, some of us in Europe celebrate what’s known as Walpurgis! This is one of the four largest celebrations in Finland, and it is particularly celebrated by students (unfortunately, usually with way too much booze). This brings up the question, to celebrate or not to celebrate? Continue reading “A globetrotter’s dilemma: Celebrate or not? | O dilema dos globetrotters: Comemorar ou não?”

This day one year ago | Este dia um ano atrás

Hello peoples of the world! (tradução abaixo)

Today is a special day. Or, well, only special for me. Today marks one year since I officially was bound for this brave, new part of the world. It’s the day I got accepted into UFV, the university I’ve been studying at since August last year. The amazing and weird part is how quickly the time has gone. I remember the last time I moved to a new country (Finland-Netherlands, in 2001), time seemed to go pretty slowly the first few years, but I’m not sure if that’s because I was younger. I did also move back to Finland in 2006 for a couple of years for military (civil) service, but that didn’t pass nearly as quickly either. So either I’m having lots of fun or I really am getting old!

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Christmas Cantata at UFV | Cantata de Natal na UFV

Almost Merry Christmas everyone! I’ll keep this short. Here is a video and some photos I shot from a Christmas Cantata at my university campus last Sunday. Apart from really crowded and cramped, it was very nice, as the stuff below hopefully will be able to convey!

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Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV 2014 | Nico Lopes March at UFV 2014

Oi todo mundo! Aqui fotos e um vídeo da Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV. Veja a galeria e o vídeo abaixo!

Hey peeps! Here are some photos from the Nico Lopes March at my university here in Brazil! This march apparently only happens at this campus in Viçosa (there are two other UFV campuses). The point of the march was originally to march and have your voice heard in order to incite change, but nowadays people just march for weed 😛 Yesterday, when the march slash party took place, it also happened to be Brazil’s day of “The proclamation of the Republic of Brazil”. So.. many reasons to party! Or rather, any reason to party will be taken! Check out the gallery and video below!

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Week 4: Robbing banks and pee on hands –that was not a part of my plans

Yeah, strange title. Anyway, hi! Olá todo mundo!

This week I’ve began my fourth week in Brazil! It’s strange how time flies and goes slow at the same time. Not slow as in boring, but lots has happened and I’m really quite exhausted already! It’s just as challenging as I warned myself about, so at least I know who to blame.

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First week in Brazil

Hey peeps!

You may find it interesting that I haven’t yet regretted coming here! I’m sure that feeling’ll come sooner or later, but having been here soon a week makes for quite some first impressions at least. Perhaps the biggest so far has been how nice people are when I talk ear-bleeding Portuguese and then stare back at them like a destitute monkey when I understand about 0.1% of what they replied.

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