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A snowy visit to Finland! | Um visito nevado à Finlândia!

Hey folks!

Here’s an event I’ve forgotten to update you about. I recently went to Finland for a while to check out and fix some stuff. I also met some relatives and friends, both in the south and northwards. But most importantly, I had the best winter in a long time! Lots of snow and cold! A stark contrast from Brazil. Continue reading “A snowy visit to Finland! | Um visito nevado à Finlândia!”

A Chris in Washington DC | Um Chris em Washington DC

Hi peeps! I have not recently been in Washington DC, but since I went there shortly before I moved to Brazil, and haven’t had time to edit the videos until now, I thought this video might be relevant. After all, this blog is kind of a travel blog! Continue reading “A Chris in Washington DC | Um Chris em Washington DC”

Short video from my trip to Rio! | Vídeo curto da minha viajem no Rio!

Hi peeps! Here’s just a short video from my travel to Rio de Janeiro shortly before Christmas. There are lots of embarassing selfies, I promise! Check out my other blog post for some photos.

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Merry Christmas from A Chris in The Netherlands!

Hi and Merry Christmas! (Tradução abaixo.) Indeed, I’m no longer in Brazil for this year, but in The Netherlands, where I used to live for a long time. My family is still here, and I’ll be celebrating Christmas with them and some others. Unfortunately there is no snow, so it’ll have to be an “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas”. As I know most of you have other things to do today, I’ll end it here with a video of my first Christmas, which was in Hong Kong back when I still spoke Chinese! (Ps. you have no idea how weird it is hearing yourself speak a language you can’t understand anymore!)

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Christmas Cantata at UFV | Cantata de Natal na UFV

Almost Merry Christmas everyone! I’ll keep this short. Here is a video and some photos I shot from a Christmas Cantata at my university campus last Sunday. Apart from really crowded and cramped, it was very nice, as the stuff below hopefully will be able to convey!

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Happy Sinterklaas! | Feliz Sinterklaas!

Hi everybody! Olá todo mundo! (tradução abaixo)

Happy Sinterklaas! Yes, I know what you might be thinking.. “What’s Sinterklaas?” Maybe if I say “Santa Claus”, that it might sound more familiar? Sinterklaas is the original Santa, brought to the US by the Dutch! Continue reading “Happy Sinterklaas! | Feliz Sinterklaas!”

Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV 2014 | Nico Lopes March at UFV 2014

Oi todo mundo! Aqui fotos e um vídeo da Marcha Nico Lopes na UFV. Veja a galeria e o vídeo abaixo!

Hey peeps! Here are some photos from the Nico Lopes March at my university here in Brazil! This march apparently only happens at this campus in Viçosa (there are two other UFV campuses). The point of the march was originally to march and have your voice heard in order to incite change, but nowadays people just march for weed 😛 Yesterday, when the march slash party took place, it also happened to be Brazil’s day of “The proclamation of the Republic of Brazil”. So.. many reasons to party! Or rather, any reason to party will be taken! Check out the gallery and video below!

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Late post: holiday, lots of work, party, verge of summer, Brazilian dance…

Hello dear readers! I’m still alive, I’ve just not had much time (or energy) for blogging. When I start blogging, I tend to do it way too carefully and spending way too much time on it, so that’s why you don’t see updates very often, and then a massive one suddenly. I keep thinking I blog often enough, but actually I just blog once a month or less.

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Parteeeeyyyy in Viçosa

Last night, I was invited to a party with my friends. That got a little later than planned… “a little” later, that is! Had a great time, even though the music was terrible and my first Caipirinha apparently wasn’t that good! This was one of those parties thrown by the next-year graduates (undergrads). Video at the end of this blog post!

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